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Now is the Best Time to Learn Astral Projection

poem-of-the-soul-the-ideal-louis-janmot Poem of the Soul by Louis Janmot

"The authentic schools of mystery are found in the astral plane. This is why it is necessary for the disciple to learn how to “separate” the astral body from the physical body."

Take Advantage of This Wonderful Opportunity

The next four weeks bring us a unique combination of astrological influences. This, in combination with the adversities we are facing, gives us a powerful opportunity — if we take advantage of it. 

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Fear is More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

virus A Mask Does Not Prevent the Worst Infection

While the pandemic coronavirus called Covid-19 is certainly terrible, there is a much worse infection spreading worldwide that is damaging millions more people, and with far more serious consequences. 

In these moments, humanity faces a grave crossroads: not because of the coronavirus, but because of FEAR.

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A Natural Defense Against Disease, Viruses, Contagion

Juniperus_communis_cones Juniper berries

The pandemic coronavirus Covid-19 presents a significant health threat to many people in the world. While there are many common sense steps to protect yourself from it (such as washing your hands), there is also a powerful element from nature that can assist us. The simple juniper berry, found growing wild all over the world, can help protect us from illness.

"Juniper berries are magnificent in order to avoid contagion. Thus, simply by chewing the juniper berries we can preserve ourselves from the danger of contagion." —Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

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Use Aloe to Alleviate Suffering


There is so much suffering and confusion in the world: viruses, turmoil, fighting, disasters... It is our responsibility to help those who suffer, but often we do not know how. Here is an easy way to help: by using an aloe plant. 

One of the primary benefits of genuine spiritual work is that one accumulates energy that can be used to help others. Sexual purity harnesses solar power of tremendous voltage that can be directed by compassion and intelligence. One such method is by commanding the elementals of plants. This is a vast science, for each of the millions of plants has its own unique properties and abilities. One of the most useful is the aloe. 

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Protect Your Home from Negativity

IMG_0942 Protect Your Home from Negativity

There are proven, effective ways to protect yourself and your home from negativity, and they begin with discovering and changing the vulnerabilities in your mind.

Know Yourself

The most important spiritual defense is within you. When you are working on yourself daily, implementing the three factors (death of harmful actions, birth of virtuous actions, and sacrifice for others), not only do you acquire knowledge of your weaknesses so you can change them, you also attract protection from positive forces.

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"The more we identify ourselves with a negative thought, the more we shall be slaves of the corresponding "I" that characterizes it."